Wednesday, August 26, 2020

ORWM Update

The main thing about the Memorial is that it is interactive.

What does that really mean?

It's all about QR codes and their power. For those who don't use them, or remember what they are, see the examples below. I have generated these to be etched into the red granite Memorial walls. They will be beside a heading or story that we want you to see more information on. They will link to web sites, photos or videos. While you are standing in front of the ORWM in Beaverton, Oregon you will scan these QR codes with your phone or tablet and be propelled across the nation or world to see more information.

Try it now. I have tried the following method with both an Android phone and an iPhone and they work. Nothing special you have to download. **Note; If you have a problem, you can download free QR Code Reader apps for Android and iPhone.

Open your phone camera, hold it up to the QR codes below and tap on the link that comes up. Viola. Where did you go? What info did you see? How cool is that?


Imagine the possibilities.

You take your family to the memorial and let them wander around and explore the walls. Teachers bring their students to the Memorial and take them on a tour of our country's history from 1765-1793 using the electronic technology they use hundreds of times a day. We can use these codes in presentations to people or organizations to add a bit of magic. Printed materials can have these codes on them and add them to web sites or newsletters to make a direct link to something you are talking about. Or a direct link to YouTube videos.

This is why the Oregon Revolutionary War Memorial is special, it is interactive and can change as often as we wish.

  • Our new ORWM Treasurer is Dave Witter. If you want to make a contribution to the Memorial, you can write a check for cash, to purchase bricks or coins. Make the check out to ORWM and mail it to:
    Dave Witter 4840 SW Fairhaven Dr. Portland, OR 97221

  • If you want to use your credit card, go to our web site and click on the DONATE button. Here you can order bricks, coins, Patriot sculpture, Wreaths across America and also make a cash donation.

  • Check out the progress of the three new sculptures. Go to our BLOG which is the journal of the sculptor Michael Tieman.