Wednesday, September 30, 2020

We Need You ...

Want to get more involved in your Oregon Society and National SAR but don't know how?  

Here are three great opportunities below that we need help with. We are just forming these new committees this year and need your help in making them happen. If you are interested in joining one of these committees please contact President Michael Tieman.

ORSSAR  Recognition Committee
This committee shall coordinate ORSSAR activities for tracking eligibility, encouraging activities, reporting achievements and recognizing individuals and organizations for noteworthy accomplishments. This committee combines the Eagle Scout, the Flag, the Medals and Awards and the Society and Chapter Competition Award Committee.

ORSSAR  Outreach Committee  
This committee will develop relationships with the Oregon community, the CAR, the DAR and the NSSAR committees. This committee combines the Center for Advancing American Heritage, the Color Guard, the CAR, the DAR and the Veterans and Patriotic Outreach Committees.

National SAR "America 250" Committee
In the tradition of Samuel Adams and Joseph Warren, we are calling on each State Society to form a state America 250 SAR Planning Committee to plan and organize State Society activities.  So we can help each other be informed, each State Society will have a CoC Secretary as the point of contact to the National Society America 250 SAR Committee.  Shortly, we will be launching an online area to report progress and develop interactive tools to help each other. For now, I ask that you have your State Society’s Committee of Correspondence Secretary send an email to the America 250 SAR Committee at 

As you know, the 250th Anniversary of the American Revolution is not only fast approaching, it is already here! While we are five years away from the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, March 6 of this year was the 250th anniversary of the Boston Massacre.  Leading up to July 4, 2026 we will have many unique opportunities promote patriotism, our objectives of education, and the honor our ancestors. No doubt you will agree, our nation needs to focus on our founding principles of liberty and freedom.

America 250 SAR is the anniversary coordinating committee of the National Society. Our charge is to work with the U.S. Semiquincentennial Commission, the America 250 staff of the American Battlefield Trust, America 250 DAR, CAR, and other heritage partners to plan the national celebrations throughout the country. State Societies and Chapters will be awarded streamers for activity related to the 250th and medals can be earned based on activities. America 250 SAR flags will soon be available through merchandising in the Flags section in the “Members Only” section of the SAR Store. 

We look forward to hearing from your state’s Committee of Correspondence Secretary.
Your most honorable servant,
Clifford Olsen,
America 250 SAR